Our Loozy-Anna The Lab – Will Be missed

Sad sad news . . .

Yesterday – October 29, 2011 at 11:00 PM PDT

Our sweet 8 year old loving Black Labrador Miss Loozy-Anna succumbed to a large tumor mass located in her stomach cavity that was inoperable. She is no longer suffering. She expired in my arms in her favorite resting place in the hallway door to my office.

She gave us so much joy and happiness. We will miss her so.




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Delaney at Kulak’s – Rest in Peace My Friend

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Home Roof Gardening

Oh yeah . . .

Gardening … Roof gardening at that…

My compost in the tubs is itching to be let out and turned in…

We have our 2100 sq. ft. of flat roof garden here, and it’s tough working containerized without perfectly measured fertilizer.

Totally natural fertilizer of course. Doctor Earth Pro-Biotic formula. No GMOs here.

Here’s a peek through the kitchen window at the start of the past season.


The tree on the left is a dwarf apricot that produced enough to make ya’ sick plus plenty to can as jam.


We also have a dwarf plum out next to the Tarocco blood orange bush specifically hybridized for our climate on the roof of the music building in back there. Plus grapes, pole beans, bush beans, and radishes out there where the heat is greatest. And yes, they are all container grown.

Sweet peas, five types of lettuce, broccoli, sweet peppers, four types of tomatoes, two types of carrots, squash, Armenian cucumbers, bok choy, and strawberries coming out our ears.

And we do have our colorful flowers too but I can’t eat those but they do lend beauty to the garden.

It’s all on a four independent zoned timer drip irrigation system.

It’s a full time job three days a week in growing season, plus all the prep during the slower growing time during what we here call the winter in growing zone area 8.

Here’s another shot this winter during the week long storm.


It’s a lot of work but boy o’ boy is the outcome so yummy and worth it. Just ask the birds and our nosy citified raccoon and possums. That’s what keeps Miss Loozy-Anna the Labrador and Little Sister the chihuahua/terrier mix busy.

Thank are lucky stars for the earth, the water and the seeds.


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Gio Vitanza 1967 – 2010




~In Memory~
Gio VitanzaGrant Johns
Thomas P. Donnelly III
July 14, 1947
November 11, 1999

* * * * * *

Gio Vitanza, Divo Garcia, Jimmy (James) Gonzales, Brian Waters, and Grant Johns. It started for me in ’90 at the ripe old age of 45 at the corner of Heartbreak and Lankershim in North Hollywood, California.

These cats thought they’d blow this old man’s mind so they invited me to a midnight set at the old Gaslamp on Cosmos. To make it short and sweet, they delivered the goods.

For nigh on 10 years I drove and roadied these crazies through brimstone and fire, not to mention a February whiteout blizzard during a tour of the Northwest in ’91 in support of our DIY 12″ vinyl EP “extended-play forty-five.”

I’m sure that Gio, as he once sang, is still…

  • “Waiting for Betty, who said she’d make spaghetti, but she’s still not here… So I’ll have another beer…”

And one last note: Both Gio and Grant there on the otherside at least have someone to help try and point them in the right direction. Our band manager Tom “Teed” Donnelly, the man I turned on to the ‘Tones and warned him, “You can’t manage THE COMA-TONES it’s like catching mercury with a fork.”

For a real good background read Dimitri’s interview from Sugar Buzz Magazine with Jimmy.

* * * * * * *

THE COMA-TONES, Giovanna Vitanza, Grant Johns, Tom Donnelly

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